Thursday, November 15, 2007


There is plenty wrong with this video and sure I could write endlessly about our society's current take on feminism and objectification. But here's the deal while Leaha and I agree we like Buttons just slightly more - I'm not prepared to post that video yet. So here for the viewing pleasure of everyone while I am attempting to be absent - my theme song for the next 13 1/2 months. Note there are actually so words of wisdom - the more you try the less we are interested, just a helpful note. As a side note it really makes me want to go shopping at the Victoria Secret in Vegas... did I just say that?

PS Cheryl - I guess I have another reason to grow my hair - Richard was right about one thing - it's sexier...

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LeahA said...

this has nothing to do with ur post
but if i was on facebook my name would read
leaha is.. waiting for jenn to write more blogs

p.s i like this song except that one part