Thursday, November 8, 2007

Q.1 - Music

First question:

Music. A little history lesson, my mother loves music, crazy about it – played her Beatles records until they no longer worked – and hid them in between playing – she still has all her old albums ranging from the Mommas and the Pappas and Joan Baez (love her) to Aretha Franklin and genre peers to the rock of that time period – sorry the names all escape me at this moment, and I’m not going all the way to their house to find out what they are. So subsequently she raised us that no form of music is "bad," so currently you'll find that I listen to everything from Country to Rock - as does my brother... His iTunes which I was blessed with when I got his laptop - includes from Seether to Rascal Flatts and everything in between - Eagles, Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Hill, Evanesence...

Country/Associated Genre: Keith Urban (awesome in concert), Dixie Chicks (awesome in concert as well) and the Wreckers. Related - Blue Grass: Nickel Creek, Wallin' Jennys and Allison Krause

Pop: love JT – sheesh I was a teenager during the BSB/NSYNC pandemonium – though I’m more of a WestLife/TakeThat fan… don’t think I should have said that though, Kelly Clarkson, PCD, Fergie, Lily Allen, Black Eyed Peas – newly added would be One Republic and Eliza

Rock/Pop:U2 (was not worth the money to see, but then again the ticket was almost $200 face value), Fort Minor, Linkin Park, The Trews, Foo Fighters, KT Tunstall

Singer/Songwriters type: The Fray, John Mayer, Alicia Keyes, Colbie Calliat, John Legend, Corrine Bailey Rae, Lauren Hill, Mindy Smith etc.

Jazz/Blues: Jodie Manros, Ryan Montbleu, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Dinah Washington, Ray LaMontange, Michael Buble and Norah Jones

World: Les Nubiennes (French Canadian), Russian Opera/Classical Vocal - Soprano, Yiddish Folk Music – the soundtrack from the Man Who Cried is amazing, if you're interested I can dig up the name of the group.

In the Christian music category - over the years I've slowly accumulated and minimally listened to would be: Shane & Shane, Andrew Peterson, Jars of Clay, All Together Separate, Jennifer Knapp, Derek Webb, Jill Paquette, and JJ Heller - those would be the one that actually get listened to - I have lots that I should purge out...if I feel like listening to it – I either check out their MySpace page or Air1

If I was asked to choose – I don’t think I could but I would likely lean towards to rock end of the spectrum then, like Linkin Park but the Fray and the Wreckers would definitely be up there. As to dislikes well the really loud rock and roll stuff – not a preference and baroque classical – but if you like it, I wouldn’t make you change the station.


Shawn said...

Can I suggest Mute Math, Damien Rice, and Family Force 5.

Jenn said...

oops left Damien off my bad, I guess he's been relegated as of late - no more sappy music for a while - that is until Leaha finds someone

Anonymous said...

For some interesting folklore stories, I recommend the decemberists. For some fun pop/rock music, listen to this band from France- phoenix. For some amazing Canadian folk rock tunes- the weakerthans. And for some neat reggae music from a hasidic jewish artist, listen to matisyahu. Oh, and I really do enjoy francophone music at times- I can lend you these 2 really great cd's from les cowboys fringants, and mes aieux. Hmmm, I could go on.. but I will leave you with these. Let me know if you ever want to borrow some cds! Oh, and have you heard of sheree plett? I think you'd like her. AND you must have heard of feist right? Oh, and Rocky Votolato. OK, I must STOP!

Jenn said...

I do love Feist - 1234 makes me smile and the video make me want to join in on the dance.

Can't I just say I'm game for anything, and some I love instantly and others grow on me?

LeahA said...

does " until Leaha finds someone" mean
1) a man
2) or music?

Jenn said...

A man or new music - the way you've been recently I feel like there's going to be a resurgence of the sappy stuff...though I think I need to go buy the Wreckers or something.

Chris Robinson said...

I'm can listen to everything but the first one. I just can't bring myself to listen to country music. When someone starts singing about walmart parking lots, checking other people for parasites and tractors being sexually attractive I just can't enjoy it. Those songs could be weird al parodies...but they were serious.

As far as the actual twang I enjoy bluegrass. I grew up listening to it...I prefer the newer nickel creek sound but I like some of the old stuff too.

Right on...I don't do too much jazz but I own a Micheal Buble album. So thats something.

Jenn said...

the "appreciation" for country is two fold - one it's limited to those artists - so no redneck woman or what have you - the Dixie Chicks more so now because of their new album and the Wreckers - well is it really country. The second reason is Vancouver has 4 radio stations when it's all said and done - Country, Pop, Old Pop and Rock. I love my Rock but not at 5am, Pop and Old Pop - are a no go because I don't want to wake up to some song about a ho, a pimp or any other related topic - the country station is adult friendly while understanding that some of us just don't think certain topics are acceptable

Chris Robinson said...

fair enough. i used to set my alarm to where there was no station...but it just ticked me off even more than waking up because it was so obnoxious. I've recently gone with NPR. Some mornings they'll have a nice soothing "wake up and smile" song on...some mornings it'll just be some annoying kid talking but its never, ever commercials...which is a good thing.