Thursday, December 6, 2007

This can't be good...

So I've been sitting here writing and rewriting notes for my anatomy exam tomorrow - and there's a part of my brain that knows that I can just pack it all up I know enough to pass and can top that up with some BS and get 70% - and I may just have to settle for that considering I know the stuff is going in but either it's being rerouted or it's coming right back out because things are not firing like they should be up there and instead of having major skeletal muscles rolling around – teres major, rectus abdominals and quadraceps femoris - I'm thinking about Spike? Maybe it's because I just finished re-reviewing the circulatory system and I should be able to do that in my sleep - and who knows I may just be doing that. But I think a large percentage has to do with the influx of chemicals that come only twice sometimes three times a year - exam time. Sugar and caffeine together in high amounts with a little adrenaline added in and its fun times for the CNS*.

Well I guess I can take comfort in knowing that come tomorrow night regardless of the outcome - I've got a date with Spike and some good roasted curry vegetables and fruit - I'm dying to have some strawberries instead of the Junior Mints I just wolfed down - and yes I know they have gelatin in them - but I've got few options. Back to the books

*Centeral Nervous system - brain and spinal cord
Teres major: located under your armpit area, around to your back
Rectus abdominals: you need a defintion?
Quadraceps femoris - hamstrings

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