Friday, December 21, 2007

This is what happens when Leaha picks the music

I end singing along to Celine Dion and drinking coffee with Bailey's... two things any self respecting single woman should not be doing at home on a Friday night, and well I guess I'm neither self respecting or self-editing as you all know what I'm doing post Christmas shopping mayhem - did I mention I detest Christmas shopping - I like the gifting I don't like having to be on the phone asking and analyzing - picking the right neck size, tie and shirt combo and even worse like today putting a head to toe ensemble together. Shopping in the Men's Department makes me sad too - I wonder if I'll ever get the luxury of dressing someone other than my dad - Steph dresses Sheldon now... off to have a shower and crawl into my bed with Donald Miller - early night - kill this cold for good before I have a killer weekend.

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LeahA said...

oh Celine.. I think she made me sad.... i think she would make me settle.... i think she makes me remember the good ole days which really were not that good... my time for some spiked coffeee !