Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm always thinking about useless things but there was a site I found yesterday via Leah's Flickr stream and it had a Dating Bill of Rights, and it got me thinking about the email I sent S when I figured that he was ignoring who I was and trying to construct this image of who I was to fit his desires. I told him I wasn't going to post it but thinking about it again I think I need to - as a visible reminder of what I hold sacred and who I see myself as. It has been modified slightly

I am a Pacifist - it’s who I am as a Mennonite (ethnically) and as who I am as a Christian.

I don’t view finances with any level of importance – I’ve been skip meals, food bank poor and I realized that through that and my experiences overseas that it’s not something I want or feel is necessary in my life – that when I focus on materials I lose sight of the hands that suffered in a sweatshop or the mouths in Africa full of dirty parasite infested water. Does that mean I believe it’s bad or it can’t be used for good, no of course not – but it is a responsibility I know that I would not be a good steward of – but maybe you would.

I’m left of centre: I’m an anti-globalization, pro-immigrant worker rights, feminist, environmentally conscious, meditating, fair trade supporting, organic seeking person. I love to read, be educated and focus on each action. I boycott certain companies (Tropicana for example due to their support of slave labour practices on farms they buy from), I only use cloth bags for grocery shopping, I try wherever I can to ensure that my actions speak compassion and love into someone else’s life – that I acknowledge I have been given an immense amount just due to the shear fact that I’ve been born here in North America – I as a woman have been given equal status under the law, I vote, I can go to school and have, I can live and work and be independent.

I want to adopt – I’ve stared too many children in the eyes to not feel His heartbreak at what we have done to them – socially that we believe children are expendable. I feel that the body has failed in its duty to love the orphans, the widows, the poor and the destitute. But that is not to say that having my own children is not on the agenda either.

I want to serve – I don’t know where or how but I know my life is not mine, it’s His and He’s called me to use whatever is in me to serve – comfort the dying, love the lost, feed the poor and bring attention to all that we try to ignore in our bubbles of comfort.

In addition:

I intend on writing and learning for the rest of my life - this is who I am - we all have the things that make us tick - mine is the literal tick tick tick of a keyboard under my fingers and the discourse that occurs in groups of like minded individuals - I would love to be able to form a writer's collective like the Burnside Writers.

Photo: - Check out the link above about the meanings of the t-shirt colors - they have a pool on Flickr I would suggest checking out


Shawn said...

Can you carbon copy yourself and mail her down to Florida?

LeahA said...


Shawn said...

Leaha, you aren't supposed to laugh and encourage me. a certain someone, who is referred to only by a number, may read this.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahah! haaaah! =)

Anonymous said...

shawn... you're not supposed to tell jenn to carbon copy herself. nobody wants a carbon copied jenn. only the real jenn... so you should've rather said "Jenn, can you just mail yourself on down to Florida?!" =) hee,hee

Shawn said...

Ok, Ok. I get it! I am not aloud to say things like "Jenn is one of the most special people I know, so different in every way. Full of character conviction and life." If I innocently ask her to carbon copy herself, it keeps me out of trouble having to explain way too much.

LeahA said...

Shawh, why keep yourself out of trouble?

cheryl said...

"a certain someone, who is referred to only by a number, may read this."

hahahaha. i still think you're creepy though. but that was funny

Shawn said...

Thanks Cheryl for thinking I'm creepy. I am glad I can accomodate your need to judge someone.