Monday, March 31, 2008


I am one of you too, I read blogs and never comment. But I realized something a long time ago I love comments - sure I love comments from the regular readers but I LOVE comments from the lurkers, so much so that I want to know what would it take for me to get you to comment? Within in reason of course, for example sorry Tim I will not consume animal products, even to get my beloved S*bucks mug my mom bought me for Christmas two years ago. I am willing to bake, occupy your time - i.e. a date - you pay though - sorry, I hold to that one thread of patriarchy, I will clean your kitchen or start posting more word association blogs just so you don't have to post anything intellectual, just tell me the first thing you think of when I say "cheesecake," if you are Leaha it would be gross, squidgy, vile etc and basically whatever else you can think of - just to get your comments.

So please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, could you stop hiding in the shadows and join the fun. Now I am aware there is an Anonymous option and while I can decipher for the most part who is who - an initial at the end of your post would be most kind. And before anyone decided to play a cruel joke - anyone intialing a post with K will not be believed unless you can prove it by naming your sibling(s) and what was your family pet - that should do it.



LeahA said...


Ryan said...

The weirdest thing I've found with my stats is not the quantity of people who come to my site and have a gander, but HOW they get to my blog!!

I'm not going to get into any details, but suffice to say that I've come to realise that people search for some weird stuff on the net... and I can't believe Google thinks my blog will help them out!!!

Eeep! >:-o

But yeah, comments are cool, I wish everyone could comment on my blog when they visit (except for thosee weird Google search people). lol

Shawn said...

I refuse to comment!

OB said...


Though used and blue
it does not leak
I want to
kiss it on the cheek

though a mystery
how it came to be


for sipping tea

has bought to me
new destiny

it came from a land
just o'r the border
now in my hand
i fill it with porter

WOOT WOOT for leetard
for bringing it near
HOORAY for this goblet
let's fill it with beer

I proclaim bottoms up
raise this guiness and sip

Jenns well used blue cup
has dual citizenship

-the lurker

Shawn said...

Dude, that is a funny and awesome poem, great work.

Jenn said...

That poem is so good, but not quite good enough to give it to you - I could replace it with another dual citizenship mug - would that work?

LeahA said...

OB-- great job,

Jenn I dont know where I found him and all his talent, but thats because I think you found him and then gave him to me, in a way .... JENNY BENNY :) :) :)

-lurking again- said...

Jenn E of course
I was rhyming in jest
I won't show remorse
that it's under arrest

for there is a way
to reclaim mobile tea
you simply must say
"to these terms I agree"

just one bite of meat
to recover your tumbler
would you fall to your seat?
would you feel like a stumbler?

'twill be a small feat
to recover your mug
you simply must eat
one chicken mc nugg

do it for LEETARD!
do it for me!
don't kill asparagus
don't slay a pea

poor little greens
have been plucked from their dirt
unfortunate veggies
the harvested hurt

distressed baby carrots
cold ripped from their beds
afar from their mommies
in cakes and some breads

to all of these thoughts
my eye sheds a tear
the destitute hops
gave their lives for our beer

with sarcasm flowing
with wide open force
i come to the end,
the final recourse

of course i am joking
no need to eat meaty
reclaim it on sunday
via Leaha my sweety

this famous blue mug
it will ride on the seaty
back to vancouver
in a honda named petey

HA HA HA and i'm spent:) that hurt my brain

Anonymous said...

I love those poems they are great, oh and I must say with apology that the fondue I made for dinner tonight was great. As I was cooking each meat morsel I was thinking how horrified you would be if you were sitting at the table with us.