Friday, August 15, 2008

I don't know how to start....

Other then to say that an incredibly broken person can make even more horrible messes. I've learned that first hand being the incredibly broken person. I've broken everything about the man I love because I can't let go of things and I can't hold on and really when it comes down to it I'm lost. I'm lost in a void where the voice, direction and touch of God is absent. And with that absence I've come to a place where I can no longer rationalize my commitment, my love, my place in life - I need to feel it and well right now I can't feel anything above the pain. And now there is even more pain, go figure.

I'll be away for a while.

Love you all, Jenn


Anonymous said...

ok, so i know people are kinda iffy on commenting on "real serious stuff" especially on a blog... but jenn, i hope you're doing better and i kinda wished i had a chicken nugget of wisdom for you, but i'm really not that person to give advice, plus you're older than me anyway so there's a chance you won't listen (i'm not saying that's a bad thing)... but oh, i hope i get to see you when i get back to vancouver. hope you're feeling better everyday. love me.

Ryan said...

I feel a sense of deja vu with this post - it sounded very similar to the concerns of a woman I dated for a few weeks recently.

Phil 4:6-7