Friday, November 28, 2008

Princes, White Horses and Dragons

Some days I wonder if I do live in some kind of fairy tale - one with poisonous apples, little men with weird names, evil lurking pointy nosed peoples and on and on. Some days reality is just too far away, some days it's too close in an Enchanted sort of slap in the face way.

Then I realized something, it is in many ways like a fairytale - in a Shrek/Enchanted sort of take on the old ideas. My Prince came, but he wasn't my Happily Ever After, though he did free me from the spell, but now I'm ready (not right now) for my Ever After - note no happily. But I also realized (unfortunately) that my tale has a dragon, it's not the cat I wanted, and to be honest I don't want a dragon, I want a cat. We can call my dragon, UWPGSATMO (Ugly Words People Go silent at the Mention Of), or some variation of (to be honest I'm dying to come up with another long standing acronym like - BMMWH...). I realized it's something that we can't call my shadow, it's not the last thing you see when you get to meet me, it's the first thing if you are trying to go for the heart, it's the heart of the matter - it's essential to the story - it's not a footnote, I wish it was, but it's not. It's not the Hunter of the Story it's the Wicked Stepmother, Fire Breathing Dragon, Cursed Spindle kind of story factor. Granted with time it will shrink in it's significance, but it's still there, it's not going to get edited out. How do I psst out the tower window to the next unsuspecting Knight? Do I even want to, or should I wait until the flames of the past are hot upon him to mention it?

The following two videos are sort of related - Taylor's song is the soundtrack to Christina's kiss and the reason why some people still watch Grey's - people like me who no longer want to see the medical stuff and rather just dream about narcissistic, arrogant Doctors - oh wait I had one of those and that didn't work out well... oh well


LeahA said...

i loved BMMWH...hahahahahhaah

Jenn said...

you and me both - but it's time for a new acronym is it not? MCBB? Mute-Cute-Bus-Boy? Not quite as catchy as Boy My Mother Would Hate...

Jocelyn said...

This was such a good post. It's one to keep for the publishing contract.

Maybe time to consider getting either:
1) filthy-money job to earn for a writing sabbatical
2) low-paying job that doesn't take up your time or energy, leaving you plenty of both for writing.