Monday, December 22, 2008


Compulsion is my biggest enemy - I can either jump and think about it later or do the opposite, think and never jump. Well I jumped today with no thought of the action - I emailed PC and offered a ticket to the game tonight. He has not contacted me - it was a safe bet, it was a rash moment and yet it was calculated - I know he's not a myspacer - so 96% chance he would not read it and the 4% was left to would not call category but I can feel brave about my pseudo act - that I knew I was not going to be staring at a phone all afternoon. Smart eh? Well the down side is I'm still dateless/companyless.

So what now, eh? Go alone? That's such a waste of a ticket - come on people.

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Blue in Green said...

I think men are threatened by a highly intelligent woman. Now when you add your beauty too, I think only a very genuine, honest, kind of guy deserves someone as talented as you.

I leave you this poem by william Blake
"LOVE to faults is always blind,
Always is to joy inclind,
Lawless, wingd & unconfind
And breaks all chains from every mind"