Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've called it a snow day, no transiting, none of it - it is the day where I don't get to do everything I wanted to do or need to do and yet am okay with it - I mean have you seen it out there? Skytrain is half off, WestCoast Express is off and the Trolly buses yesterday were not working because of the cold - which resulted in a nice long walk to the station - at least he made it half way up Renfrew. So I called in a snow day to me - yes I have a nice boss... to bad that set up doesn't provide a nice cash bonus.

I had planned to go to the gym, then to Donalds and then clean the house. So since I'm not getting stuck waiting for a bus, or getting to a closed gym or any other scenario, I'm going to stay inside while the projected additional 20cm falls... Goodness, there are snow banks in front of the house that are thigh/waist deep. While I realize that I am short, that's still deep, especially for the City of Vancouver. I will likely fight my way to Donalds - since I can walk both ways and would like to have the house a little more stocked - the fridge is getting empty.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and Here's to hunting out the Mistletoe and then hiding from it or getting all the hugs or kisses you can get out of it.


Anonymous said...

It should be me and you fighting our way to Donalds, hmmm they need to make a donalds here there really going to be that much more snow??? sick

maybe we wont be finding our way there

Jenn said...

It should be you and me, but life changes - and so I am solo - maybe more of a chance to snag me a rescuer... it is that sick here - it's half way up the front fence - and the ugly plant by the door is almost out of sight.

Merry Christmas my LeeLee - you're present will be here when you get here I promise I won't make it mine...

LeahA said...

better not ...or else