Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday

I've been thinking about life as of late - more specifically trying to decide if I should take a week off and head to SoFlo in February for a respite week or if I can manage to have a respite week off here - more then likely it will end of being wasted here in bed. SoFlo is warm, cheap to get to right now and did I mention warm - it hasn't been above 0C in well over a week. And I just purchased a large portion of my required training supplies, just the toque, watch and shoes left... wasn't really my intention but I went to Lulu with my dad to pick out a Christmas gift and figured why not - I'm here, they have a new running line - might as well. Bless him, he waited like 30 minutes while I fought with their new "Hold Them in There" tops - I don't think I need to give you the details - lets just say sizing was an issue.

Well now I have no excuse - running supplies, check, spending guilt, check, running weather, no check and there is my excuse - a goodness how am I suppose to run in -6C, -13C with the windchill, snowing and it's either icy and bare or some combination of packed or fluffy... maybe the April half is going to have to be postponed... I know I've run a 10k with minimal training, and could run one now - it wouldn't be glamorous but it could be done with little pain, but a 13miler - well honey - that could be very ugly - and I am conscious that if it's super ugly like Mike's expression we could be having SERIOUS doubts about a full one. So maybe Seattle's June race will be the first one - who knows. Anyways we will see.

PS. As for the dethroning - the snow is going to K safely where he is - probably a good thing, feeling the personal hotness is kind of key and right now I'm not quite there - the next time Sheree plays in a bar I'll be all over that - PROMISE!!

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Blue in Green said...

Whatever you decide, hope you have a great one