Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hmm... something to ponder

I read my horoscope for fun, just like I do those silly Sudoko things. I know there are those who argue that they are not to be read for fun, the same could be said of the later too. I do not put much weight, if any into either. I do feel that I can at least laugh at little at the accuracy of the following on in the latest Elle Canada, although have seen many along the same lines in recent months...

"It's a good thing you like change because life has been in an enormous state of flux since 1999 (you're telling me - good gracious). Many of you headed off in a new direction around 2001/2002 (changed my degree from Chemistry to English). But since 2005, stability has eluded you: job changes, residential moves, shifting goals and changing partners are just some of things that have kept you off your heels. The first thing on your new agenda will be to establish a home for yourself (darn right! it's been #1 for years). Once you have a solid base of operations, you will have greater freedom because you will have the security you need. You are working toward creating the home you have always wanted. Responsibilities involving family - especially a parent- might increase. Later this year, moneybags Jupiter moves into your House of Money. This means that, at a time when you want to creat the perfect home for yourself, the resources of others will help you. By next year, loans, mortgages, inheritance or the wealth of other will help you acheive your domestic dreams."

There you have it, up to about 1/2 way the run down on my life up to this moment in time, and the later half - the reason I still work, the hopes of finally one day breaking free from the hours of servatude and insanity that is my home right now, and have my own Vegan friendly domain.

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