Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What veganism has taught me about love

There's a limited selection when you are out looking, especially when you are desperate. I've had several moments where I've stood in front of the Amy's section in Choices and just about gave up on this all. Not because I wanted meat, but because I wanted to be able to eat something fresh. I know that I could have made something the night before but with the shifts and everything else, some days it's hit and miss. It's been like that recently when it comes to men, with all the commotion about Cheryl's wedding, it's been like the parading of cheese bagel from Granville Island in front of perpetually, reminding me of something I've wanted, but keep blocking out (and yes I know I could have picked something like cheesecake but I can make some - but then this analogy doesn't really work)... anyways it seems to be in these cases that I get swept up in all the love stuff. I was thinking about it today, it's not even like I really want it - I just want someone in my life that I can hang out with like Joel and I did - no commitment, none of the complicated stuff, but apparently as we've seen even that stuff gets messy. It isn't going to happen, and no one is going to be able to make a vegan version of the cream cheese bagel sold only at Granville Island, that I used to have every Sunday as a child, and nor am I going to find a man who respects and hopefully partners with me in the following (in no specific order): my Mennonite history/upbringing -ie. shares my strong feelings on pacifism, culture and faith, my faith in general, my veganism, my love for: food/an Epicurean geek, athletic pursuits (Grouse Grind and Yoga top that list), camping/outdoors, my passion for orphans and East Europe/social justice work, my fascination with Yiddish/Jewish culture, my ink (tats), my love for reading/education, and if we are getting picky at least an appreciation for Organic Chemistry... They do not however need to know anything about medicine or want to know about medicine... that is one area that I am happy to leave out. Also a general alignment with left of center thought, "liberal" as it sometimes referenced, non-type A personality and a bit of a daredevil is preferred.

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