Thursday, August 2, 2007


While I would love to say I'm being tempted by food, I'm not and really have not been of late, it’s a curious thing this vegan lifestyle. I’ve had near perfect skin, but yet I can tell you my body is sensitive now, maybe as it should be. After a busy week I feel it – exhaustion that is, and the good kind – like the “I worked hard, my body kind of aches, time for a night with a Suduko puzzle and Max to regenerate kind.” Another curiosity is I can now burn/tan, for the last 3 years I could have paid good money to gain a stitch of color – just a stitch. But no luck and yet last week after about an hour maybe two in the morning sun with Melissa and I was redder then my glorious hair, hmm.

Regardless, a food temptation is still easy to get around, just remove yourself from situation, if you aren’t staring at the carton of cookie dough ice cream then maybe you are not actually craving it, have a cup of peppermint tea - and if that does not work remember the very last time you consumed that product - yes it may be a little hazy taste-wise but the pain, oh the pain - that is well remembered.

So if food is not my temptation, then what are they? One a beautiful tagine on Sur la Table's website (anything on their site is tempting to be honest – wok, steamers, or a comal, second Stella McCartney pumps on E-Bay and the last and most pressing - most likely the root of the other two - the cursed dating site, more specifically a response from someone, anyone? I am at the point where I am ready to quit - but not before finding a way to get through to everyone on that site. It is not a dating site at its heart, or if it is, it is not being used as such; instead it is collections of friends posting on each other’s sites. In doing so it’s become like Facebook, and when they possibly venture past their friends sites, the first thing seen on my profile is "Hometown: Vancouver." What’s so wrong with Vancouver? Just because I do not live in Kansas or Indiana, I’m some how not even worthy of any type of message. I love Vancouver, I mean just look at the city coming into the downtown core – it’s beautiful, clean (when there is no civic strike) and it’s got all you could ever need in its neat little package. That being said, sure I live here for now, but does not mean it's going to stay that way forever, or even longer than two years. But whatever, I keep feeling like this whole process, the ugly frustration of being ignored is enough for me to say who cares, this is obviously a confirmation that I am meant to be single… I feel a little theme song coming on, so to rectify all of the above, I’m first buying new running shoes – I’ve been due for months, two going for a run, three, doing the Grind, and if at the end of all that and my marathon cooking session the thought of buying those Stella heels is burning through my mind I’m quitting the site, then if worst comes to best, buying a pair – in the end is it really that bad to top a good workout, cooking weekend with a pair?

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