Thursday, September 20, 2007

About this MennoMeet business

I realized something today kind of funny about this meeting/dating site, now granted this is a generalization but the women on the site - have jobs, like real ones - nurses, doctors, lawyers, professors, in other words under job it doesn't say still on the hunt for my M.R.S.. There are vegetarians, vegans (yes not just me), there are self proclaimed feminists and the such like - so why exactly are they not married? Is the Mennonite church that ______, I was going to say backwards but I'm aware that's solely a perspective thing. These are great women - activists, compassionate, passionate, independent etc. Then contrast that with the farm boys on there - now granted I know one of them is animal friendly - but the others? One wants to ranch, another has a profile pick with a carcass! Ew, isn't even the half of my feeling about that but going all PETA on his sorry self isn't going to change that and so just wondering out loud here - how are they going to get any connections when the women are "modern" and the men are archaic?

Just something to laugh about I guess

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