Monday, September 17, 2007

Chez Moi

Okay, so the french grammar is probably off - but Leaha's not around to proofread. So since I know some of you are dying to see what the new small digs look like...
Of course this is all self explanitory - but note the bitty size of our kitchen - so there will be no big gourmet meals coming out of here in the near future - although I do have to figure out how to cook my tofurky along with the rest of my vegan thanksgiving - which you are all invited to.You can't tell but we have this amazing pink couch from craigslist - it was $40 - it's been washed and sanitized - no worries. Once I get a better job we'll be getting a slipcover from Ikea - and the horror will be only a memory. Can you spot the missing piece of furniture?

And of course last but not least - the place where I eat (hint for above), sleep and do everything else a student has to do - like procrastinate, curse their textbooks and promise themselves this is the last allnighter, oh ya and I create my literary masterpieces here too...

As a footnote - got another tattoo idea - bringing the grand total to 4... hmm, you know what - I guess this is one thing I shouldn't have started unless I planned to see it through - so 4 I guess it will be - Beloved (Russian), Broken (German), Lotus flower and from the Jars of Clay song - sort of on the tone of the Shane Claiborne postings - "Take My World Apart" - I actually wanted the chorus done the first time I heard the song (years ago now) but it's huge - would be like my entire back... so that's not going to work - and listening to it again today with Leaha - I'm almost tempted to opt out of Broken - so much to think about... when I should really be working on my Kin 325 homework and dinner calls.

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stitchpixie said...

fold out kitchen table??

i saw this today in a magazine and though it would be perfect for you..

adding color without painting

you can get lightweight hollow closet doors off craigslist for free sometimes