Saturday, October 20, 2007


Things have been clicking along at a rapid post midterm pace here - it's crazy. Of course when things go sideways - what do I turn to? Booze? Coffee? Chocolate? Actually a broom - cleaning and organization are close to godliness in my books... well maybe not quite. Leaha thinks I'm crazy but for proper studying to occur the house must be clean and organized everything where it should be lest I in an uncaffeinated moment need to find something. Then of course I turn to the coffee - I have to confess where I used to believe I was a social coffee drinker - like a social alcoholic - there is no such thing. Case in point - I tutor the daughter of my boss (the pediatric ophthalmologist) in Chemistry - for those of you who aren't aware I almost have my Chemistry minor just Calculus 3 and Chem 260 standing in the way... and I guess now years, it's been years since I was in a Chemistry lab and it's really not like riding a bike. Regardless I had gone to the gym on Wednesday morning before tutoring and was late getting home - thus no coffee - once again I heard myself talking to Morgan and had this sobering realization - I'm bitchy without my coffee. Well that's not good, but to be honest I like the flavor and I just cannot believe that anything out there would give me that rich, dark bitter taste, the smell and of course the blessed second most popular drug in Vancouver behind our favorite plant - caffeine.

So where does that leave us? Well I've got sheets to put in the dryer, a nap to be had, a shower to clean and a Nutrition quiz and Assignment to do today... so I guess I'm going to be channeling my blogging energy into the gym and homework - as it should be. Speaking of channeling - Leaha and I watched Becoming Jane last night - we do not recommend it unless you want to cry - same goes for the Lake House - sappy movies are really unfortunate. They can be the most wonderful movie but when you leave feeling this weight in your throat, stomach and heart it's not worth it - who wants to finish a movie with one of two feelings - 1. I need someone in my life and 2. Love sucks - I don't want someone if it ends like this.... Consider yourselves warned.

The picture? It's a self perception test hidden under a cute and fun exterior - are you a horns kind of person? Wings? Feathers? A Shell? One of the wonderful things I found today on my daily flip through blogs and Flickr - thanks Jordan for the idea. One last thing - the caesar salad dressing I created this week, I found another use for it's lethal garlic-wonderfulness - BLT ("bacon," lettuce and tomato) sandwich with caesar dressing - picture to come, other than the whole keeping Spike away and remaining safely single in general.

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Jordan said...

you're welcome for the idea! thanks for stopping by my flickr stream and my comments.. schools still busy.. so no blogs for a while.. but I hope to get something up there soon! ttyl!