Sunday, October 14, 2007


Wow, it's amazing how a song can bring you back to a moment - Jami Smith's Your Love is Deep, came on the radio (I listen to a Christian station out of Oklahoma when I'm looking for white noise), it took me a moment to recognize it and then the Russian words came back me. No, the song was in English, but it was one of the one Shirley-Ann, Darrell and I sang while leading worship in Perm/Kungur. The reason I mention it is I haven't heard the song in the last 3+ years, it's sad - it brings me back to a place and time I would rather forget for so many reasons. And then I read the lyrics and thought about it again - that moment marked the only time I have ever sung in public or will ever. Wonder if He kept distracted with everything to give me that moment - one that if I had focused on it any more I would have likely worried myself into an early grave. I've included the phonic Russian translation of the song just in case you're curious, yes it was a mouthful at times - back to my memorization and of course procrastination baking.

Your love is deep (Vya lebov)
Your love is high (Gluboh kaya)
Your love is long (Beeyeskrynia)
Your love is wide (Sharo kaya)

Deeper than my view of grace (Vushe shiem niebeeyes nee svod)
Higher than this worldly place (Gloubsha shiem puchina vod)
Longer than this road I travel (Dalsha shiem-moi putziem noi)
Wider than the gap You filled (Eepa balsha shiem griech moi)

Who shall separate us (Khto ras lucheed nas)
Who shall separate us from Your love (Khto at-lucheed nas at voie luvee)
Nothing can separate us (Neekhtoneah ras-lucheed nas)
Nothing can separate us from Your love (Neektoneah at-lucheed as at voie luvee)

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