Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Little Peek into Our Life

I dragged Leaha out to Donald's to pick up vegetables and assorted snack items... so here are the pictures from the journey if you want to call it that - our "hood..." as well as a few bonus shots like - our landlord's dog -isn't she...., Saturday's breakfast and of course what happens when there is wireless and no TV - we have grown physically connected to our laptops - and yes that is Facebook on my screen - add me, please.... Yes that is French toast - more specifically Fronch toast - it's vegan of course, from VWAV. There are freshly made vegan Milano cookies like the Pepperidge Farms ones if someone can tell me what I'm wearing and where it was purchased... As well if you want to see what I look like shoving a piece of cucumber loaded with Lebanese humus on it - it should be posted on Leaha's blog in about a day - she promised me if I posted the picture of the two of us, she would do so - Cheryl's posted pictures of me in velcro rollers on Flickr - I'm not concerned.

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