Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm not, am I?

While I'm letting my Naan dough rise - it's time to discuss something Leaha said this weekend ,while we were discussing the previous subject, that is still bothering me - I'm high maintenance - was that the problem on Saturday? My knee jerk reaction of course was no. I hear high maintenance and I think like Jess (haha - sorry no of course you're not), actually like celebrity, anyone who lives in Yaletown - big distinction between those who work there and those who live there - like servants vs. masters. Leaha insisted - her requirements/distinctions - were the hair and makeup. Well those depend on the day - if I'm wearing scrubs to work - who cares what I look like - seriously I look pregnant in those things anyways and any guy who would hit on a pregnant woman is not the kind of guy for me - though given the direction of things maybe I should start aiming for that niche group. Along with the no makeup is the hair is always in a ponytail - as it normally is - I hate it growing out... the things I do for those I love. But yes there are days like today when I have to work for Dr. K, that I have to wear business professional clothes, heels, the hair straightened and makeup. Are there other definitions of high maintenance? Or do people see someone who's vain when they look at me?

A part of me doesn't bother to think of what the world sees when they look at me because I know it's distorted and I really would prefer not to consider that any males look at me - which is what happens when you start to consider that you're being examined by society. To be objectified in any form is wholly repulsive and unnerving. That being said how do we walk the balance - relationships are built on physical attraction, regardless to the degree it is of importance or whether you even acknowledge that it factors in - so that being said we then would naturally be concerned that our appearance is in line with who we are - the image projected is accurate to the person in the clothes. Yet I don't believe that's possible - take myself for example, what does a Christian, vegan, environmentally conscious, pro-life, literature geek, epicurean who is as comfortable in her red 4 inch D'Orsay style stilettos (similar to those above - so you don't have to Google D'Orsay) as she is camping for weeks at a time. And if any of you suggest that hairy legs are part of look - no baking for you. Then again that would just reaffirm the stereotypes right. Let's break it down -
Christian = bland, chaste
Vegan and Environmentally conscious = dreads, gothesque appearance and tattoos*
Pro-life = see Christian
Literature geek = Value Village chic, glasses,* no makeup
Epicurean = Vancouver dress code - Lululemon, Whole Foods bag,* and yes Leaha - Starbucks*
Stilleto's = Aritzia, hair extensions and manicure
Camper/Outdoors person = MEC/The North Face attire

*Indicates current presence in appearance, and yes while I do own a lot of Lululemon - it's never worn outside of the gym - ew, and I share the love when it comes to my caffeine addiction - with yes a preference for those places that sell organic, fair trade, shade grown - like Laughing Bean - if they had a Higher Grounds outside our house you'd know where to find me.

So then... where does that leave us. It leaves me with Naan that's ready and you with an opportunity to weight in. And yes before I go - Cheryl I am aware of the shoe brand I picked - of course it is deliberate... but if were to say Carrie's one of my hero's it would negate the blog wouldn't it.

PS. Since I don't want to post another blog - but I'm so excited - in my email box this morning, Sven's translation - yippee - it's all done, now just to sketch it out and decide on colors... won't my mother be so pleased - at least she can't kick me out like she threatened.


LeahA said...

the only definition of high matinence i belive in is drinking stabucks ..hmm thats all

Jenn said...

So if I switch to the laughing bean I'll be fine?