Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Channeling again... but please read below

So I would love you to read the blog below first and comment - I have switched my comment features to allow for anonymous comments for you lurkers without blogger accounts, but I figured I should let you all know where the late night thinking has been channeled into... yes all those sleepless hours of the last month or so. So this past year has been the shits for various reasons and yet I know that there is something in the works, because I do have to accept all* of the parts of God regardless of how I feel about it. I wouldn't say that it has developed character - maybe a good bitter streak and the kind of person who can in the most unfortunate way rip a strip off someone. Qualities I don't think I should be honing. Regardless, things I've been looking at - I can ditch this whole sordid mess of a degree - get my post baccalaureate degree for Gerontology and say the hell with the rest of it. Not the best idea but an option - since having a Kinesiology minor is more or less a stepping stone to more schooling and the same for Microbiology, not good on their own. So I could stop SFU in December and go into working for Dr. Stuart until September - during which time I can get myself out of the debt I am in with the bank and then in September who knows. September - one year from now - a lot can change in a year in the world around me, so this is a very LOOSE plan. Okay so the issue is - Ashtanga yoga is the practice form I would love to teach - it's not offered in Vancouver - Kundalini and Hatha are offered. Ashtanga is offered in Victoria or Calgary - so basically I have to go to Calgary - the land of beef and babies, ew. I don't know - the school in Victoria comes with good certification and is only $2ooo plus living expenses for the intensive course.

So why am I considering this seriously where before I would have laughed it off, it came to me while baking ginger snap cookies this morning (see above) - Cheryl's been on my case to go to the Vegetarian/Vegan cooking school on the E.Coast - now it's the same cost as medical school - $80,000+ and while I would love to spend my life cooking for others - because cooking leads me to writing and yoga leads me back to a place of peace and creativity - it would be a perfect circle - I'm just not sure I could do it as a living - like a business - but like a B&B or something - maybe. A part of me feels it's a selfish life, I know it would be subsistence and simple and holistic all things I need and want but I'm not sure I deserve - you know? The issue is I haven't figured out if I'm running from or to something... and well seriously adding these components on to my life is going to further solidify an independent way of life - tattooed vegan yoga instructors are not welcome in the Christian community that I've found...

*I feel like this has to be posted in light of the previous statement.

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jocelyn said...

If tattooed vegan yoga instructors aren't welcome where you are, then you are in the wrong church.

Seriously. Think about it - it they have a problem with the fact that you have symbols of your ownership in Christ permanently affixed on you they should read Proverbs 3:3, and if they have a problem with yoga then just call it "centreing prayer." If they have a problem with a practice that both relaxes, exercises and brings you to a place of peace (and the eastern mysticism is optional), then they should be equally opposed to psychology. (a la Tom Cruise, perhaps)

But perhaps it's not about whether Christians have a problem with you, but rather whether you, in the new iterations of yourself that Christ is (hopefully) growing you into, are increasingly uncomfortable with the sorts of people you were originally comfortable with?