Friday, October 12, 2007


Leaha just informed me that my non-blogging status does not accurately infer anything other than I'm busy. While I am, being busy has never and will never stand between me and my blogs, it does however do a good job in altering the quality and content. I haven't been blogging because I want you to comment, damn it! I know that's a huge threat, but you know these posts have involved big topics and I want your feedback- am I high maintenance? should I teach yoga? And even if you're daring you can even argue in defense of a certain someone and a gender in general for all their general nondescript reasons for bailing on something when we can see through the attempt at opacity. So why am I continuing to type if I'm protesting? Good question, it has to do with the incessant office music that is leading me to self destruction, QMFM is cruel and unusual punishment - cheesy, sappy soft rock/pathetic pop is enough to make a bitter borderline romantic go crazy - like rip out my ears crazy - ew, Paula Abdul is on...

If you're actually worried I am going to stop blogging, don't worry I've got the determination of 3 year old - limited at best. But please, comment... please. I'm not above bribery you know - name your price - a dozen ginger cookies that Leaha claims are better than Starbucks for 3 good comments is fair, want something better? Pecan pie? Joel - are you wanting pecan pie? Cheryl - cupcakes - yummy tiramisu cupcakes?

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