Monday, October 22, 2007

"The Plan"

Shaun Groves posted a Shlog recently on his plans for this upcoming year. In turn he requested our plans for the year - 2008. Well since I'm becoming less and less a set in stone person - leaving my planning ways I feel a little funny doing this - note I'm not posting this on his page - I would love the chance to edit... Hmmm, where to start, I feel like I should be somewhere else coming up with this list - like camping - I miss Deception Pass, hence the picture - and the sitting on the cliff over the Pacific and just listening to the waves - there is something so beautiful about it all, but I guess I can do some good visualizing. Here it goes I'm going to subdivide this:

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1. Find a new community - Leaha and I went to 10th Avenue on Sunday night - and the overwhelming feeling was whether this is it or not - this is not what Willingdon is - and I need out of Willingdon. I've been there since I was a babe - dedicated there, been through everything and at the end of the day it is a constrictive environment filled with expectations, ghosts of dreams, commercialism and so many other issues.
2. Be more consistent with the whole devotional thing

Health (WHO definition)
1. Yoga classes - learn the art of meditation
2. Reduce coffee intake - substitute with Matcha - glorious green caffeinated goodness
3. Contribute to community - see 1 under God/Spirituality - this is not volunteering 0r service under duress as the previous 2 years of my life has been - though I love my kidlets - maybe advocacy or NP work?
4. Improve interpersonal and social relationships

1. Take 3 more classes towards my degree
2. Do yoga training in Victoria?
3. Get 3/4 of the way out of debt - why not all the way? Well that would require making work my life and I've done that once, and do NOT plan on doing that again.
4. Read more, blog less - stop checking Perez.
5. Cook more - share more - eat less
6. Ensure Cheryl makes it down the aisle in one piece (i.e. there is no mutiny) and Andrew doesn't change his mind... (as in Cheryl doesn't drive him crazy in their new house and cause some kind of temporary breakdown - not like leave and never come back - just to clarify)
7. Write articles for Geez until one gets published!!!
8. Stay single - completely 100% - no dates, nothing - was going to leave it off - not that hard to accomplish, but then I was thinking - why not have at least one guaranteed on the list?

Any more to add - questions? comments? comments? Anyone?


LeahA said...

So here are a couple suggestions for your list, you should highly regard them !

-You must read; Redemming Love, Unjust Society and Jorneying Forward.

-Find way to quit coffee and grilled cheese.

-Open Up Vegan Resturant and employ me.

-Learn to love giving foot massages to helpless native girls.

-Learn to drive ( for those just in case moments)

Jenn said...

it's cheeze Leaha - it's not cheese... that stuff I quit a while ago. The foot problem - you need to STRETCH - a massage? You can contact Jordan about that. Vegan restaurant - (I would love too but I would need like 50,000 to start it up - so ya....) Driving - it's a social, environmental and personal decision - to not do so. And again with the foot thing - if you don't believe me contact Jordan and he'll tell you I'm right, right?

LeahA said...

stretching is for pansies ! and if it smells, tastes and feels ( aghh) like cheese in ur mouth then it is cheese !

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are liking 10th. Do you think you're gonna come out more often? I'm sad I didn't get to join you girls last time. We should hang out while Leaha's gone. =)

cheryl said...

there are too many dots in andrew's sentence, you make it sound like he has cold feet now!

and i think it's aisle