Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Times are a changin'

So I've been thinking about all sorts of crazy things as of late - like were the anatomy people on something when they came up with some of these names - you think you've got the whole naming thing down and then they throw in a weird one, or the multiple naming business - trapezious muscle and a trapezoid carpal bone - no where near each other. Regardless, I need to get out of bed considering the original plan was do 9-12 at Starbucks, come home make lunch, pack up my stuff - and get to school for 1 - then do what I did yesterday - 1-4 in the recesses of the MBC and then 4-6 on the 6th floor of the AQ. I would normally study on the 6th floor of the library but the whole no food and inconsistant level of white noise drives me crazy. The 6th floor is suppose to be silent but there is always the ding of the elevator, the hum of the cellphones on vibrate, msn messanger on almost mute and being that it's almost the start of cold season which then followed by flu season (January - March)* - sniffles. The sniffles kill me. Maybe it's the repressed motherly instinct but I feel like taking a Kleenex to their face and saying "Blow!" I digress - changes are on there way - Leaha and Leah have been complaining bitterly that I write too much - Leaha makes me read the blogs to her now - a service I will extend to anyone else. And since this blog has diverted from my original purpose which was to produce more thought provoking, dare I say educational pieces - and yes to an extent comment on my life. The hope is with these changes that you may in turn comment - comments are really like best kinds of compliments because they are completely unrelated to my physical aesthetic which by all your silence we've determined I'm high maintenance but no one has or will have the guts to tell me that.... seriously I don't want to be.

So if I can keep my hands away from the keyboard I will be posting towards the end of the week - on the favorite subject of yours and mine - dealing with Christian feminists - I realized that the instruction manual never was circulated and I still run into the same issues - and I promise it will be posted in parts - short, maybe even succinct parts. It's that topic or more likely - career/life etc... since I can't seem to get the poster outside the Health and Career counseling - Career? Get One! out of my head (the picture appropriately referencing my view on things)

*PSA - While I would like to recommend you get your flu shot - it's actually VERY non-Vegan - they use eggs to incubate the virus - which is why I always get violently ill post shot in past years - so thankfully I'll have more than my allergy to get me out of the mandatory health staff poke. So this season do it the old fashion way wash your hands, exercise and eat healthy.

To my beloved patients - please do not harass me when you get the flu in November. Of course the shot didn't work - a vaccine first of all does not work instantaneously, and second - the flu vaccine is developed with a key strain in mind - the one that runs rampant through the population in Jan-Mar. You my friend just lucked out and got the bonus early edition of some rogue virus or more accurately it was a cold.

Photo courtesy of Maplemusketeer


LeahA said...

I don't complain bitterly do I? My dear when I complain it is with a smile on my face, I think ! You should write your long blogs, screw what me and Leah(#2) think.... I know for myself I have you there to read them to me...and maybe these readings will make me a better reader, and perhaps speller but thats a long shot... ok well get to school already

Jenn said...

you do complain bitterly with a smile on your face but I know that's your way of saying what everyone else is thinking - that I need to shorten these things down - and maybe liven them up a little I saw your eyes glaze over last night when I started talking about the feminist thing...