Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can't look... but I must... but I can't

Leaha reminded me that tomorrow is Thursday. What's wrong with Thursday? It's the day the Georgia Straight comes out - with it, my little ditty about BMMWH (Boy My Mother Would Hate) and now I'm thinking that for starters I find a new place to sit in church, like not on the left side, and two pray no one has paid any attention to me, or three, that good Church going folks don't read the I Saw You section- oh who am I kidding everyone who reads the Straight does and even worse this is the kind of Church where folks read the Straight - damn it that's why I'm there. So on that note - I think I should go brunette - haven't been one since I was 14, a decade plus as a red head, I can change for a month and pray like most men he's got serious memory issues when it comes to aesthetics... or just suck it up, and in the process remind myself that this is why girls shouldn't do stuff like this - we're suppose to wait and make the guy feel like his soy eggnog just went all weird in his tummy. And could someone remind me why I'm not listening to myself - um hello no dating until January 09 - why on Earth am I even putting myself out there... someone want to answer that? Oh wait I think Kelly answers that - all this silly - like, lust, love business melts your brain - those little butterflies have laid eggs in my cerebral cortex or something like that.


LeahA said...

please please sit somewhere what i told u last night..i don't want him to know that i know u since he will feel awkward when he professes his love for me

Jenn said...

k - fine I'll sit with Elsa in the middle section and try and hide and you can sit with Leaha over on the left side... and or I can pray the boy just emails me....but he hasn't I checked - have you?

Anonymous said...

ok, you have to let me know why you can't date til next year. or write a blog about it b/c you're so good at it.

and i like sitting on the left side! did you guys even like shook his hand during those churchy greet and meets?