Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Morning

Beautiful British Columbia - that's what it says on the License plates - and for once a government agency wasn't lying - it's sure is gorgeous - make me want to learn how to ski just a little though... too bad I'm going to be staring at a wall for the majority of the day.

One more thing because we have such a beautiful city/province/west coast...

  • Plastic. Suck a big one, Environment!
  • Paper. Dammit I already drive a Prius!
  • Biodegradable bags. (However they do tend to disintegrate before I get home.)
  • Cloth satchel. (Although I am suspicious of the word 'satchel'.)


Anonymous said...

ok... so the poll says 60% cloth satchel... my ass! gosh, i see way more plastic bags going around than reusable cloth bags.

cheryl said...

holy cow. don't ever become this freaky:

Jenn said...

holy begeebers and whatever else that's CRAZY!!!! Well one good thing someone is more nuts than me.