Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am FREE!!!

*Claps hands while Leaha's on the phone with Rogers...* I found it - the other minor - a certificate in Sustainable Community Development - looking at globalization and the non-industrialized world.


Chris Robinson said...

Thats pretty cool minor. You're not gonna find classes more aimed at social justice work than that. Yay for getting to study what you want to!

LeahA said... should study what you want to study..... do it, do it do it.. and while you doing it do my poli sci work when i start in jan..k !

Anonymous said...

earth to jenn. earth to jenn. no clinic could possibly be open past 9pm. where are your blogs. i'm worried you've ran off to uganda.

cheryl said...

oops. that was me. where'd my name go?