Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So this blog has a threefold purpose - actually fourfold, since the primary reason is to as Jocelyn calls it brain dump - remove all things that could interfere with studying - and as my first exam is tomorrow morning at 8:30 - it an all accessory information overboard kind of post.

2. X is not coming to visit - I know he didn't want to be mentioned in the blog... but you're going to have to deal with it just for the moment, k? I'm sad, disappointed - I'd been looking around Vancouver at all the unusual stuff - maybe that was the point in some way. These things happen for a reason and I do sincerely wish you the best on those interviews - and know that there is always a place on our floor - that goes for most of you...

3. So I was reading a new blog and then as is my pre-exam routine, I fervently journal/devotion - it's sad really it's the only time I seem to be able to justify loss of sleep... regardless of my sporadic devotional nature - when I flipped open my not regularly used NIV - I found it open to James - where I had all my notes and what not from the last time I taught - yes I did have a regular stand-up gig with a group of "energetic" grade 7-10's - primarily boys.... regardless I had the wonderful task of trying to systematically go through James - that's what I get for complaining that the youth materials were overly simplistic and the kids hated it... rambling here not a good sign - back to the point.
James 4:1-10 I think relates perfectly to the posting linked above - and well James as a whole - and sure that that could be said of the rest of the Bible - but I guess when I look from the angle of social justice - you see the result of maintaining divisions - it serves to further undermine - especially in the areas of finances - poor vs. rich and the prevalence of the movement towards wealth - started with the Prayer of Jabez and has continued.

4. I found this passage in Isaiah years ago - honestly I don't remember when - I remember talking to Tasha on the phone about it - so that would put it in the 2003-2004 range (she wasn't in town then)... Isaiah 43:1-3. Now I know that after my __ number of years at SFU and the close hundred finals I've been through - do your math folks - 10 classes a year x _ , you would think that I wouldn't be stressed... ah yeah I am - and it is even worse these days because I don't know what the hell I'm doing - in my courses for one - but more so with respect to life- I am desperately trying to pull my GPA up knowing that graduate schools in are out of my league right now anyways - most departments having 3.8-4.0 requirements. Errr - what about a 3.2? Apparently not - and I would prefer not go below that into the dreaded 2's. Darn Kinesiology department full of flaky jocks for professors... Regent wants in the 3's for a GPA the last time I checked - but there again how is it fair to compare someone from Bible school - sorry Bridal School - to someone who clawed their way through Engineering Calculus and Physics and Linear Algebra? Just saying... then again to further move away from the original rambling - Hiromi Goto claims GPA's have nothing to do with getting your books published - I sure hope she's right.
Anyways - so of course what did I do this morning prior to blogging and my Starbucks - checked out the message I got on Facebook from MCC - new SALT postings... Jonah complex is rearing itself - so much so that working in Egypt in what is described as a house for troubled female teens looks good. Let's think about that one now shall we... vegan - they like goat there don't they? That could be an issue. The bigger one is the huge disclaimer about treatment of foreign women - I can just see it now... the red hair is like a beacon and my saucy attitude - once taught Arabic, well that will not be good. When you pre-warn prior women to applying, that they will be groped in public what are you trying to instill? Fear? Distrust? I'm not sure, but given my overall feelings towards that - I think it would be a recipe for disaster and more emotional pain.

So now that I am officially stressed I'm packing up and going to stare at a wall for 10hours... Kinesiology 342 here I come - reading to test you (aka - make you run, jump and do curl ups and push-ups) and tell you how out of shape and fat you are - sounds great doesn't it - the course is more about rephrasing that statement into:

"Aiding individuals in their search for healthy and active lives via fitness assessment and counseling. Fitness assessment containing any of the following activities - body composition testing and counseling, fitness assessment via walking or running and other assessments to determine relative strength and muscular endurance of the client." Notice the use of the word assessment - test is a bad word - not allowed to use it.

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