Friday, December 28, 2007

The Things that Happen when we're together

Leaha and I decided to follow the path of many other single bloggers out there - dating sites. I was on MennoMeet before - and ended that and now we're on Christian Mingle - purely for the purpose of material for this blog. . . We're laughing as I am trying to construct a profile but in all seriousness - these online sites while they attempt to offer choices for self description they fall short. How do you describe the purposes of your tattoos or your adamant nature around issues of pacifism. Or the importance of your cultural heritage, that you're a fighter who would rather not. . . We'll let you guys know what happens - I've been winked at already... But right now I've got potatoes to deal with and Leah's profile to help set up...


LeahA said...

stupid site, stupid stupid stupid site...ha its like the new facebook!

Therrian said...

You are not supposed to descripe those things in your profile.

No offense, but no one wants to read that on a profile. People want to read short, simple things that briefly touch on what type of person you are without going any more information then they need to know whether or not there is even a 10% chance that you would be interested in learning more about a person. Also, the reality is that without a picture, you will get nothing more then the guys who are just trolling for girls to sleep with...and yes I know this is supposed to be a christian site, but if you think that matters at all...well, ya.

THe whole point is that you should intrique someone enough to want to get to know you, not tell them enough that they don't even need to ask the questions they already have the answer to.