Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Year

I was looking through my recipe site, for a muffin recipe (going to Whole Foods tomorrow) and realized that it was last year about this time where things started to really change in my life - more specifically New Years last year is when things started to change - Jess and Chris had me over in an attempt to start the New Year in accordance with my desires for the rest of the year - peaceful, apart from my family and more so on my own terms. Fast forward one year and I'm stuck with a dilemma - spend time with my parents, aunt and uncle or spend the evening with Leaha et al. While I would like to spend it with Leaha and friends I am conscious that I'm not there anymore - sleepovers and all the girlie things were never really my thing - and after the movie last night I think I'm girlied out for a long while. Maybe I'm too uptight, maybe I'm too much of a feminist to find comfort in it or maybe it's just who I am - some who runs either end of a vast spectrum too often to want to add chaos or a cacophony of sound to her life. I'm wondering in the end if I should just stay home - enjoy my homemade sushi and watch a movie - or better yet call Jess.

For those just starting to read the blog - I'm attempting to compile a top 5 or top 10 blog list - to give you an overview of the mishmash of topics on this blog. To the regular readers I'm willing to take suggestions - I know the the 101 list and the pre-exam blog will be on list for sure.

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