Saturday, December 29, 2007

Something has happened

And I'm not sure I like it - for one this site is far more addictive, but at least it's funny and not just horribly frustrating like MennoMeet was - granted I was on there for one specific reason that I am finding this new site cannot offer me - a way to ensure that suitors know how to play Rook or understand the whole obsession with all things surrounding being raised a pacifist - so what now?

Regardless, I found something weird has happened I'm doing things on this site that I would never have even considered face to face and I find it unnerving. And even worse I'm forced to be polite. I know that sounds weird to the newish readers - but let me put it this way - a cliche - I don't normally suffer fools lightly - so the response that I gave to the guy who gave my a cheesy pickup line smile was far from what he would have gotten if he pulled that one out in person. Think Lily Allen.

So here I am in front of my laptop wondering what on Earth has just happened - Has the world shifted its axis? Have I lost my mind? Why am I have a pseudo coronary here and wondering more so if Cheryl was right or if the time has come for me to get past the fears, the worries and all of the pain.

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