Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Moment of Weakness and Hours of Pain...

I have a sweet tooth - it's a horrible thing - really it is horrible. Due to the holiday season, Dr. K's Vancouver office is teeming with an obscene amount of gourmet chocolate - and I decided that one can't be horrible right? A dark chocolate one - and yet apparently it was horrible. Teeming with something - and now my gastro-intestinal track is ow ow ow or more specifically damn you!! - it's near instantaneous - the cramping and then bloating and then the kind of pain that reduces me to the fetal position under the desk - whole knife through the intestines - so that being said I don't think the gym is on the agenda tonight - putting Lululemon when I feel/look like I'm 6 months pregnant and feel that I'm carrying the spawn of the devil or something like that just doesn't work - so I'm going to hide behind my pashmina, drink my Tim Hortons (cold and black) and pray that something doesn't spawn from me all while apologizing to myself for my severe error in judgement.

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LeahA said...

poooey !
Gyms are for yuppys anyways