Friday, January 18, 2008

Oops I shouldn't have said that....

Working in a office full of women and talking is a dangerous thing - the gossip network is more efficient than CNN even could hope to be in the dissemination of information. I said something to my boss that came out different than I wanted it to - and I now I cringe.

My boss - Dr. K (not Brian) - the one I like and have worked for in some capacity since I was 15, asked me if medical school was off the table now that I was switching minors, and I said yes - the MCAT literally almost killed me - between the grinding teeth, facial pain, stomach cramps, sleepless nights and just general stress - I would never do those 4 months of prep again and then sit through that 8+hour exam just to feel that way for the next 5 years and go $100,000+ in debt.

Dr. K - Well why don't you do what R did and go to Australia for physiotherapy?
Well I felt like saying sure - you want to pay for me like you did for Ryan - because if not I would be the 100,000 again when flights, rent, food and transport are factored into the 4 year program. And you're unattached. True I am - but in 4 years I would be 30 - so

Me- I would like to be attached sometime in the nearish future.

Dr. K - Oh! Well then - I won't ask for details bugger that's not what I meant

Me - Sorry that's not what I meant - like I'm looking - turning 26 this year can't keep thinking it's just going to drop into my lap

Dr. K - The old biological clock... while giving me that look the one father's give their daughters

The issue is I know Dr. K - that conversation will get told to S his wife and his daughter M who I tutor in Chemistry. S and M will tell SY their trainer and my mother's trainer - SY will tell B (receptionist at the gym) and B will ask my mother who will get the conformation from S and then my mother will tell J (her best friend) - J will tell G (her husband) and G will tell my father - and I will get blindsided on Thursday when he drives me home from work on my last day - about who this guy is like he should have asked my dad's permission to speak to me...

And what will I say? Who knows we'll see - by then we could one of two very polar directions.

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Shawn said...

I am laughing so hard, I know you are showing genuine concern here, but I just can't get past the fact you, of all people, have "S and M" in your blog