Friday, January 4, 2008


Leaha and I had an interesting discussion when we got to the ethnicity question on the dating site. So I get that the world sees me as "white." But being labelled white to me is as unsavory as labelling everyone to the west of us as Asian. Asian being the mass generalization for everyone with origins from Korea to Sri Lanka and everything in between. So I put - I'm other. Well see here's the deal - I'm Russian Mennonite, German and I'm now supposedly Polish Jew (Ashkenazi) to say I'm white to me generalizes all those significant factors and says who I am is solely my skin color and beyond that that my identity is comparable to someone Italian, English or American. I am first generation immigrant on my mother's side, second on my father's. I'm not bland, vanilla - my ethnic heritage is a huge aspect of my life growing up - it shaped my parents lives and in turned shaped ours (Sheldon and mine). And as such has a strong determinant in who I choose in the end and I know it is for Sheldon too.

This whole thing is likely just the product of an over developed sense of individuality in a world determined with generalizations and simplifications. Funny thing - I noticed Mr. Chandler noted his ethnicity as Other - wonder why?


Therrian said...

The reality of that field is that some people are only attracted to people of a certain skin color.

White is not meant to define you as anything other then being white...which you are.

It is not expected to define your culture or lifestyle...once again, something that should be discovered during actual converstaion with a person, not via a typed up profile.

Jenn said...

Jeez, what is with all the comnmenting - don't you have games to test or something?

Well I realize there is that distinction - the category is ethnicity and to me I'm not ethnically white... again this is all for material to write about - which this has been.

LeahA said...

Can I be white, it seems like great fun!

Get me off of this Jenn !

Shawn said...

If you lived in germany or russia do you think you would be special?

Shawn said...

Oh and on a side note, in the scope of the Kingdom, it really doesn't matter one bit what you "are."

Jenn said...

Haha, oh Leaha and no I'm not getting you off Tim seems great and all I hear out of you is laughter and all I see is that smile - you know the kind I'm talking about...

Shawn - of course I'd be special, I'm always special... If I moved to Germany - well I wouldn't be 100% German so thus I wouldn't be German - the point to all this is any form of identification along such lines as ethnicity inherently places one above the next, eliminates important cultural differences and forces individuals of combined ethnicities to choose - and in many social cases pass as white (that is a defined social phenomena - passing)

Therrian said...

By saying you are not ethnically white, you are basically trying to put yourself above those that would categorize themselves as white.

Ethnicity is not your heritage or where you live, it is what color your skin is.

For example...does the Chinese person who is 4th generation american put herself down as White. I mean, she lives in a 'white' country, her parents do not recognize any of the traditional aisan culture other then liking Won Ton soup more then chicken noodle.

No, she puts herself as asian, because she has yellow skin.

So...white you are.

Now the real question is...what does an albino person put...think about that one for awhile.

PS - I am working on documentation, and I don't test video games, havent touched a controller for work purposes in probably about a year.