Thursday, January 3, 2008


So as I noted before I was watching TV at the gym - what do you expect I don't have one at home? Regardless I almost fell off the treadmill today - why? Friends was on and more specifically it was the marriage between Chandler and Monica. Which got me thinking - I'm totally Monica - Leaha agreed, "You cook, are neurotic about cleaning etc..." So what's the big deal about being like Monica? We've already determined the alter personality I'm akin to is Carrie - so it's not all that bad or is it? I have to say I appreciate being a Carrie... Well here's the back story - I've been searching through the dating site and found someone's profile that made me as Shawn says - have a cheese eating grin - whateverthehell that means - he says he's been labeled a Chandler. Okay, so I know I've got Cheryl and Leaha on the same page - and that's good enough for me right now.

The issue isn't the Chandler/Monica thing (seriously) - because God only know what this individual is looking for - but from his email he's going to get this blog. See here's the deal - I put I was looking for marriage because I've got enough male friends - and dating around isn't for me. So that being said as interesting as you look and honestly really tempting the offer is - like a free pair of Louboutins would be - I just don't think I could rationalize a email conversation. As to have any form of meaningful conversation requires some level of vulnerability - and I already dish out a large degree of inner workings of my brain here.
That being said, you'll find an email in you inbox shortly telling you a different story - why? Because I love to contradict myself... makes life interesting.

But you aside - and on to Leaha - she's found herself in the situation that you (Chandler) and I might have found ourselves in - what the hell happens now? You shut it all down or do you go beyond the screens and spell checker?

Why Louboutins? No I'm not high maintenance as Leah (without the A) claims - it's well shoes are my biggest weakness far beyond any food weakness like cottage cheese perogies or even coffee.


Anonymous said...

sorry jenn, but that shoe speaks of
"high maintenance". not that you are... really. =)

Jenn said...

Probably - but I think it more speaks to this - I could never afford them nor would I ever rationalize spending money for them so - one I'm cheap and two I'm practical - wear them once then put those suckers on Ebay.

Therrian said...

You actually put that you were looking for marriage, but not dating around? do you expect to get to marriage (at least one that will last) without dating around?

Jenn said...

Haha no I didn't put that - there's the option of dating, friends or marriage as your goal - so being that I don't particularly care about the outcome of this whole fiasco I put marriage. I get that dating is an aspect of that search but I am not going to waste my time dating random people I know I am not interested in just because I'm bored nor am I going to waste my time investing in something that is one sided. That's what I ment about dating around - having the mindset that filling my Friday nights is more important than finding quality people to get to know