Thursday, January 3, 2008


While I was cooling down on the treadmill (at the gym) today - I found an interesting show - How to Look Good Naked - okay so this would be a good time to skip this blog if you don't care to hear the rest... Consider yourselves warned.

The woman on the show today - has never undressed for her husband since her last child was born and hasn't looked in a full length mirror since she was married. Sad really. The really interesting part is she's a size 16 - which is average in the UK. This of course got me thinking about the word average. What is average? According to North American standards it's a size 12/14. And I'm so not either of those - an 8 and sometimes a 10 depending on the outfit. So that got me thinking about the profile - if I put athletic instead someone is going to think that means I'm built like well an athlete and I know I'm not - I'm curvy - triangle, pear, sometime proud owner of a JLo whatever you want to call it - so now what? Am I curvy? I find that word is just a euphemism for I should get to the gym haven't seen the inside of one since the thigh master was popular and I've been to a McDonald's in the last month.

So here's the deal - I look like a woman - I would give you the dimensions but seriously I don't think that's necessary - can't I just put that on the site? That I look like a woman - not my dimension you silly people.

No folks it ain't me - but I will be wearing something similar in Vegas - photo courtesy of

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