Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Now?!!

For the love of all things JJ Bean - or in general all things caffeinated, this wasn't suppose to happen. Even my horoscope didn't predict this (no I do not consult them - just using that as an example). So after things went odd with the first guy off the site, and stalemated with all the rest due to my non-membership status, as well as my realization that as Shawn so delicately put it I'm as complicated as a 20 sided Rubik cube. Which let's be honest is totally the case - some days I wonder if I'm bipolar in the non-Britney way... just so often swing between extremes. One such extreme is my over-analyzing.

So here the truth be somewhat told - well as much as I can get away with and even then I'm sure I will be out of visual contact with the self-censorship line in no time at all.

1. Got an email today that I wasn't expecting - one that a part of me had hoped not to see - would have made life easier - but definitely less interesting and who knows - sent one back we shall see. One reason I hate emailing is I've got the patience of a two year old when it comes to these sorts of things... maybe even worse.

2. I'm trying to figure out how to post an I'm not interested in this dating site anymore but I am going to continue to use it for my experimentation profile... well not those words - more I've realized that mannerisms and my anal/wonderfully complex nature requires a specific type of person, and well all of you are looking for cookie cutter wives - SO not that. If your idea of an awesome wife - is someone who's looking forward to reading Rushdie to your children and having tofu quiche for dinner then sweet I'm your partner. Let's be honest that just made you all cringe a little though - so let the picture of the cookies soothe you.

3. I'm trying to figure out, rationalize, comprehend what all went down on Sunday and be patient about it - I wish I could look at my quiche and find the paprika arranged in one of the the following messages

a - He's the one, just wait - he'll talk to you next Sunday so start rehearsing your lines so you don't screw up like the last time. Which a part of me is leaning towards.

b. He's not, but he does represent what you're looking for.

If it's B - we could have a slight issue - the whole Mennonite/Rook thing... maybe I should just marry a second cousin like all my other relatives did... (note: Menno joke - you're not suppose to laugh here unless you're one of us - and then it's an uncomfortable one at that...)

4. Sermons are coming along and yet they're not - darn brain.

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