Monday, February 25, 2008

Got the counsel I desired...

The questions I did not. Bah, you know I realize this is why we have those we seek for counsel, Godly adult counsel, but really some days I feel like say shush God I've got a good thing going here now don't I? Then again the opposite could be said too - as with today's conversation. Seth managed to point out that for once my life isn't in an endless pit of shiteous experiences, one after another. I've got a stable job, a good, healthy and vibrant church to find sanctuary in, I've got an awesome Godly roommate, I make rent, I have a dry, bright and clean place to live - not always warm but hey whatever, I have a decent relationship with my parents for once in my life...

I found BALANCE or more so I found BLESSING today - and the balance is wrapped up in there, just so overwhelmed with grace and providence that I'm having a panic attack it seems. A could you give me less blessing moment in relation to God, oddly enough - I know, just shut up Jenn, could you just accept it and be thankful...

But here's the flip side - in relation to all things Three and Kansas, he had some comments and questions that are lingering now, and were very evident as I walked from the AQ to the upper bus loop with my Naomi Klein book in hand. Questions Seth posed...

Q. Why aren't you going to Regent now - like in September?
A. I want to finish this degree - to have a fully intellectual grasp of Globalization, International Law, Sustainable Environmental and Community options and all that - it's one thing to debate with the average smart person, it's a whole other level to write about it - as I desire to do. But yes I really want to go there - to have that intellectual/liberal seminary education and to develop my writing and focus on that and parlaying it to working for an NGO or even Campus Ministry, like Kirsten does for UCM.

Q. Are you prepared to marry someone who isn't intellectual - someone who doesn't know who Naomi Klein or John le Carre is? Someone who can't discuss the ins and outs of US foreign policy, the Cold War, Feminism, English literary theory - literature in general?

A. I don't know - I know that I've thought about it, extensively, I've thought about it and wondered the opposite - could I be in a relationship where that is the predominate common thread? Seth then interjected that his relationship with Nikki is the unbalanced form - she hasn't seen the documentaries - the Corporation, Battle in Seattle or read Klein, Berger or what have you and they do fine.

Then we brought up the issue that I predominately share those aspects of my life with men - that I vent to E for the most part, my father and to some degree Shawn. Well that's not going to work in a relationship.

Q. Do you realize that you're going to be alienated in Kansas? (Seth apparently lived in the same area Three does - wow small world)

A. Kind of figured when I looked at the website for a seminary down there and they didn't allow women to participate in the preaching classes... but no to some degree I've ignored that my west coast, excessively healthy, liberal and vocal about it life as it is here - with public transit and Pride parades and all that - may not translate well.

So with that a part of me wants to say oh blood hell Seth! But he does agree Three sounds solid and mature – it’s all the other stuff to factor in now.

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