Friday, February 1, 2008

Quite the Day

I feel like one act has changed the course - that yes there is hope and it isn't found in K* - contrary to what was said before the third time maybe the charm. That's about all I can say - aside from awesome taste in music, support of my left wing veganism and pacifism... The following a sample of the list I was suggested - I've got a lot of listening to do to get up to speed apparently I've been missing out on a lot.


Jocelyn said...

I'm all for having a list, putting out there what you think you need in a mate, and examining that. It beats going out there, willy-nilly, which can make one prone to rash choices (or no choices at all).

However, a thought occurred to me when I read this post, that the things you listed are not life and death things. Apart from good taste in music, the others: Veganism, ultra-left leanings, pacifism, can pretty much be all put in the "politics" category in some way.
I've just had this rather humbling experience today that reminded me about "laying down my rights," an old adage from my YWAM days. It reminded me that we can get so entrenched in the externalities that we believe define us, instead of our internal qualities or our identity in Christ, that even the less important seems primary - especially when choosing a mate.

I know your list is far longer, but this thought reminded me to revise my list for a more internal, timeless perspective. The rest can be sorted out, and yes, still informs our choice in other people. (Not that I'm beating off the suitors or anything, but it's worth examining).

I think pacifism is an incredibly important principle, that seems more like an external outpouring of your core values than a temporal thing - but I wonder if maybe God will bring you a fantastic guy who won't match ANY of those things on your list (except maybe pacifism) just to torture you a little. ;)

cheryl said...

yay for indie music!

Jenn said...

hey Jocelyn - as to the list thing - sure those things are temporary and not the set in stone things but then again they are also the things that contribute to who I am - and I feel strongly that should be supported... but ya I know what you mean - as to the site - we'll see. I have quit but currently am talking to someone that as I noted