Monday, February 4, 2008

A Pancakes Morning...

I've sat here looking at the screen for over a half an hour trying to figure out where to start, if I need to and what the end would be - changed the music I've been listening to as of late, read over old posts and you know I don't know.

I know it's a morning for pancakes, and since laptop keys and syrup don't mix I best get this finished if I can even get it started. Writer's block it's been the story of the last month for me - I've yet to even get a decent draft of that article done for Geez and now the panic is combining with the overall inability to form my thoughts together from before with the ever mounting self pressure that this maybe my shot - or more so I should treat it as such.

Spending the weekend with my parents didn't help me much for the cognitive aspect and blogging - they require so much energy but even more so access into my private life. Where the rest of the individuals to pass through my life have maybe been a slight blip on the radar of conversation if anything. I had a conversation with Three on Sunday afternoon - and of course my mother wants to know everything. How did she know? Well we did the video format - so I was talking instead of typing for the most part - which while I can talk a mile a minute if I really warm up to it - I feel more comfortable typing - there is a stronger connection between my fingers and brain. However as we found that connection, fingers and brain, is hard to follow if you aren't aware that I have multiple things running at one time in my lovely brain...

So plan for today? I was going to go to the gym, but since I slept in - it's my day off I can - my schedule is off - so instead:

1. Pancakes
2. Clean kitchen
3. Clean room - organize, put away laundry etc.
4. Clean floor - yay for my Swifter vac thing
5. Shower - clean bathroom
6. Lunch ... don't know
7. Nap - again day off I can catch up on my sleep, plus I have a thing for naps a thing akin to my thing for coffee...
8. Walk to Donald's do grocery shopping
9. Dinner - thinking Italian tofu, but not sure, craving a Portobello mushroom... maybe some kind of stuffed mushroom or hmm don't know will have to consult Isa on this one.
10. We'll see - Internet TV watching? MSN? Sleep - it's an early morning tomorrow or *gasp* if we're lucky writing.

Thanks to Charming for the video

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You forgot to add

Listen to LeahA speak a mile a minute !