Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wow, what happened here?

I'm wearing pink; ya'll - like consciously selected pink blouse. What has happened? I feel like my former self is having a panic attack - and you know what I don't care. She can sit with her pan of low fat chocolate cupcakes and lament while watching Dirty Dancing. Me? I'm going to try and find the ground and then find the source of the epidemic sweeping the J and L household - I think Leaha has been putting something in the Brita filter or something because this is odd.

To reassure you all that no alien has taken over my body - I want you to know that I have almost finished "The Word and The Bomb" by Hanif Kureshi. I have to say while I'm not a huge fan of his fiction - The Buddha of Suburbia - primarily because of the over sexualized content - his essays are unique, inspired by life and well representative of the discourse regarding British post-colonial/Thatcherism and queer literature. Genres which I find particularly fascinating - so that's one book down and plenty to go - I'm trying to decide - I'm thinking I'll start with Arundhati's and then move on to Klein.

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LeahA said...

Jenn you are the one who cooks most often so I think instead of me putting something in the water, its you putting things in the food...sheesh girl these kinds of moments ( stupid smiley ones) are not good for my wrinkless face.