Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Mixtape?

Granted there are no more tapes - or they're really hard to come by, so I could say mix cd - doesn't have the same ring to it though. I was thinking about in while getting on to the Skytrain - why don't we give them anymore - I would love to get one - *HINT* - realistically our memories are tied most strongly to smell, and if I can't smell you then the next best thing is to hear you - tie a memory to a song or more then one song, so I can gush when I hear it - or heaven forbid - curse it at some point in time.

So on that note what would be on yours? I know Keith Urban would be on ours (mine and Leaha's but since he's now banded for being the source of endless gushing) - now I know there are plenty of country haters out there and you are privileged to that because you know as well as I do that there is plenty of other awesome material out there - so what would you put on?

On the mix tape you make for me make sure there is:

the Fray - Look After You - the Live addition which includes the following

Serena Ryder's - Weak in the Knees

Feist - 1,2,3,4

Some Damien should be in there too - and well what else would you put on there?


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