Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Am Alive

I promise I am alive - but the MSN, Facebook and Hotmail will all not be used until next week, possibly longer - contact me via email and I will screen and respond as necessary. In the meantime I'm doing yoga, and maybe one or all of the following: reading a novel (yet to be decided - I have two boxes of read and un-read novels at my parents house), cleaning and in general enjoying the silence. This is in essence my pendulum swing in the opposite direction from the chaos and emotional vortex the spring has been for me. If you don't practice yoga - I would really encourage you to take a Hatha class - it's one of the more gentle forms, good for beginners - books and DVD's are nice, but the essence of the movement is lost in trying to check form, as well teachers are able to modify movements and adjust you as you move ensuring right from the start you know how downward dog is suppose to feel.

eka pada rajakapotasana with twist


Ryan said...

I don't think I'd ever personally be doing yoga (nor would I encourage others). Its history stems from Hinduism's Vedic shastras texts so that's enough to turn me right off.

Also "yoga" means "union" and is a Sanskrit word which closely relates to our English word "yoke" which makes me wonder who's yoke you are in union with! I know who's yoke I am in union with and I don't have to do yoga to be in union with Him.

I think I'd rather just do pilates if stretching exercises were my thing.

Jenn said...

I've heard opposition to it, for me I believe we need to find a way to be able to sit, we're restless - going everywhere - and so often we are unable to unwind, calm our minds and release. It's hard to describe it if you've never done it - there is this amazing sense of peace and emotional release. Yes it is also a time to pray and be grateful for a body that moves, the sound of breath, of silence, of knowing you are in a space where His voice is able to get to you - not through the cacophony of sound we fill our lives with.

Hold to your opinion - I see your side. Yoga is something I enjoy and most definitely will pass on to my kids - I've seen the benefits that nightly meditation time - in which a mantra is use for calming over active children - a mantra in this case is a verse - good way to memorize it too. One of my good friends is a Kundalini instructor - she's found the meditation time works for her son and her. But will fully acknowledge her soul did not fully accept the full ranges of the teachings. She's a Catholic yogi now...