Saturday, April 5, 2008

I enjoy spending my Saturday mornings in bed, watching a movie - and it depends on the mood I'm in what I watch. This morning I went looking for Center Stage ( I love dance movies) and found Penelope instead, and I'm glad. It's funny that while it is a fairy tale, it is one of those films that could be placed in the new genre of adult fairy tales - like Stardust, movies that attempt to carry the full didactic weight of the original tale, a weight that no children's story can truly carry. I feel that to go into the story would limit the "magic" if you have the opportunity to see it - which I whole heartedly suggest. But I would like to say that in regards to the relational topic of the previous posts - Penelope and I are on the same page. Very little is accessible if you are limited in your social circles - there is a world out there, people and so often we are limited due to various reasons. The more we remain socially cloistered the more we miss out on life - not just the possibility of finding someone to share life with, but friends to have good discussions about health care with or to even just see the physical progression of the landscape, to see and smell the seasonal changes and or the physical changes, to see beauty in a new light and or like last night in the absence of it, and ultimately it is all born out a self progression, and acknowledgment and embracing of self - some call it getting older, some maturity, some self-actualization (I use the phrase often) but right now I am in the place Ken brought us to in November - to see beauty in the world is to see God - sometimes it's a person, sometimes it is a moment - where you see something greater then just a tree, a blossom, a conversation or a chance encounter, like last night walking home I ran into Seth on the Drive. Right now though I feel that Namaste* is more the place where I am at and each day I grow/progress forward I grasp the meaning, the beauty and all I have yet to understand about love, life and faith with more intensity.

*In essence it means
"The God in me greets the God in you
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you"'

In other words, it recognizes the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of all.


LeahA said...

Jenn man I love you !!!!!!!!

juicyjay said...
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jocelyn said...

You ran into SETH? of all people... wow.

I just watched Centre Stage last night, what a coincidence. It was so corny, but the dancing was good.

thanks for a great yummy Nepali dinner on friday!

Jenn said...

I know crazy, while dogging the smoking men loitering around the entrance of every restaurant so not 6 meters from the entrance... I hear this Jennifer B____, I was like who, what, where, so didn't do it - and it was Seth - funny I know - He says he wants to get you, Melissa and I together, asked about the trip - said I was really glad it didn't happen and I continued on home.

Center Stage is quite cheesy - but since I don't consume the stuff literally I thought why not watch it - I mean no animals were harmed, just maybe a few brain cells.

jocelyn said...

Why you melissa and I? Aside from the fact it would be fun... Seth always seems to have something up his sleeve. Though Ryan (UCM Intern) said that Seth misses us "old timers."

Great. ;)