Friday, April 4, 2008

Online Boy Fridays

Since Online Boy does not have a blog, but yet seems to contribute quite a lot literarily to our blogs (Leaha and I), I figured it was time to start posting his comments as blog postings in and of themselves so that more can appreciate his amazing Dr Suess-esque skills.

Jenn E of course
I was rhyming in jest
I won't show remorse
that it's under arrest

for there is a way
to reclaim mobile tea
you simply must say
"to these terms I agree"

just one bite of meat
to recover your tumbler
would you fall to your seat?
would you feel like a stumbler?

'twill be a small feat
to recover your mug
you simply must eat
one chicken mc nugg

do it for LEETARD!
do it for me!
don't kill asparagus
don't slay a pea

poor little greens
have been plucked from their dirt
unfortunate veggies
the harvested hurt

distressed baby carrots
cold ripped from their beds
afar from their mommies
in cakes and some breads

to all of these thoughts
my eye sheds a tear
the destitute hops
gave their lives for our beer

with sarcasm flowing
with wide open force
i come to the end,
the final recourse

of course i am joking
no need to eat meaty
reclaim it on sunday
via Leaha my sweety

this famous blue mug
it will ride on the seaty
back to vancouver
in a honda named petey


LeahA said...

- LeahA

Anonymous said...

I thank the Lord so much for everything that is you

I thank you so much for all that you do, all of the effort/driving/love/enjoyment that you present and contribute which has made me feel so very happy and fortunate. My little one absolutely adores you too. I'm sure that you are already aware of this but WE CHOOSE U :-)

I am happy that you got a laugh out of these rhymes of fury haha. I'm also flattered that you would post them. Dr.suess-esque?? Yes I never considered him as influential to me and these two are the first poems that I have ever written, but I loved those books as a kid and I read green eggs and ham to my Girl alot(I think she's nearly memorized it)
I surely see it now, DR. Suess-esque indeed :) Oh yes and as I promised; the beloved blue mug is currently in route to your house, riding with Lee Lee in the honda named petey

jocelyn said...

totally cute. OB, you must be cloned IMMEDIATELY.
Nice christian boy who can write humorous poetry? Sigh.