Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Life without a computer, is like life without coffee - depressing, frustrating and inevitably leads to brain fog - the kind of October morning on the Hill kind of fog (it's normally thicker then this, but that wouldn't make a good picture now would it?).

I wanted to blog last night, but seeing as my laptop is residing at my parent's house, I am now left to try and gather my thoughts at work... The overwhelming thought right now for me - is wow, I have a lot to do and I'm not sure my current intake of 1/2 black coffee and 1/2 chocolate soy milk is going to enable me to accomplish everything I need to do, or just serve to further irritate my IBS. Likely the later considering I'm on the second cup... While I'm a little concerned about starting to train for my new job, I feel like somehow I'm being blessed with the head space for it and honestly I'm more concerned about finding a hat, flip flops, getting my white blouse back from the dry cleaners, re-doing my nails, doing my remaining laundry and in general ensuring that I get to Florida in one piece. So my brain is full of all those feelings and the occasional feeling that I should have chosen a different pair of shoes today - darn pointed toe, 3 inch slingback Ann Klein's are killing my left arch today, and my stomach is full of coffee and soy... So may this blog serve to indicate that while I am capable of eloquent, intellegent thought at times - today is not one of those days, so check out the recipe blog and distract yourself with the wonders of tempeh or as Leaha did today Isa's Chocolate Chip cookies...

Photo: http://flickr.com/photos/paulman/288704096/

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