Monday, May 5, 2008


Jocelyn says when the going gets tough, the emo get blogging. I think she's right. I've been fighting against a desire to blog - and maybe if I could put it off for another hour I would be on a treadmill and writing each word I want to put on here, with each step - but at this moment I'm in bed - cold room, warm duvet and the Wreckers playing. Things I've noticed - I did my nails for the first time in a long time - cut, manicured and even polished - I don't even think I did that for the Christmas party, not sure why to be honest. I am stuck in my Atwood book - 200 pages in and 300 more to go - and the story has hit a lull - I know I should trust Margaret and go buy a soy chai latte and fight through it. I'm trying to figure out a recipe in my head and it's not working and it's frustrating me - it's a roasted potato salad - with a humus dressing - I've done it before - but I've got a recipe for tofu bacon bits and I'm thinking just a baked potato would be nice with some honey mustard baked tofu and green beans. I've got a growing list of what I need to find, buy or borrow in the next three weeks while trying not to think about the mode of transport. Anyways the rest of my life for the next while will be between me and the treadmill it seems and I think I'm okay with that - I guess you could change that Jocelyn when the going gets tough the athletic emo gets running (and then eventually cooking and cleaning - yay for OCD)... keeping myself busy moves life along and keeps my brain out of trouble.


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