Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I had this moment tonight in group where I wish I could have opened up my cellphone or my computer or something and been like there it is - that's it! It's been in front of me all this time, in all our discussions with loose visions and ideas and because you know nothing of this (so please read the Irresistible Revolution as soon as you can), it's my fault I hadn't thought of this sooner. I'm sure I had this look on my face, or sound in my voice - I don't know what it is - but it's the indicator to the rest of the world that while I'm more or less present I'm deconstructing, reconfiguring, altering and reassembling some idea, issue or whathaveyou. Oddly enough this process started after Glen asked us - if money was no option what would you do, and I guess in some sense I picked one of the cheapest options out there - Another World is Possible. It's a neo-monastic community founded on the teaching of Jesus (ie. Christian is the truer sense - less religious right, more socially, morally and ethically right...), living with a large compassion/social justice footprint, and a tiny economic/financial and environmental one. It was set in the slum/ghetto/lowest SES area of Philadelphia before there was a large fire in the neighborhood, but realistically can be set in any large city in America - providing assistance from the ground up - education services, after school care, food distribution, medical services, and more or less a community center free of strife, violence and oppression and a site from which hope can be offered - a community garden - an opportunity to teach food education/the wonders of vegetables - not to mention a vegan/vegetarian diet is actually really quiet cost effective..., total side point there - addressing the issue that obesity increases as education and income decreases, that there is a propensity towards violence and criminal activity in these areas not due to their ethnic origin but rather the rationalization that there is no other option, the only life that is sacred is my own and there is no hope, quite simply there is no hope.

There it is - what do you think?

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Shawn said...

I have known of this community for some time. I first heard the story and how the house of people were developed into this greater community a couple years ago and was totally amazed that there are people out there, especially in this country, who do get it, and maybe even get it more than the people in my small bubble of life. I guess it isn't that my friends, community, don't get it, but simply this community of people were like minded in their initial stages. I don't believe people can construct, think up, or plan a wonderful organic system as this, but I believe we as Jesus followers can be willing and plyable enough to allow God to use us in a way that is far beyond our imaginations.

jocelyn said...

There is an incredible draw to communities like this. I've often wanted to do this myself, and continue to think this way as my singleness stretches on... (okay, yes, bad motivation). The peace and justice idea also motivates me.

The thing that doesnt' is my memories of being a "run away and join YWAM'er" - remembering that phone call to my parents when I (without thought about their feelings or decisions) informed them that I was not coming back, and that Jesus wanted me in Ireland forever. Period.

Embarassing, yes, but informative - there's something intoxicating about living in community - something that demands we check our motives before, during and throughout.