Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Moment in Time

Leaha suggested that I blog somewhat of a before and after for my emotions. The thing is I don't know if I am able to convey my emotions all that well at the moment - my actions maybe would be better:

1. Half eaten, laboured through bowl of shredded wheat, strawberries and soy milk
2. 3 items already found that should have been packed
3. A spider left to live due to my emotional apathy towards it
4. A sink of dishes my OCD is unable to compel me to do
5. Unmade bed at the moment, though not that messy
6. Silence - no music seems to capture what I am feeling - it's a lot of I think I'll listen to that and then changing my mind...

Basically I'm an emotional mess, a collection of colliding atoms: excitement, stress, fatigue, fear (flying) and anticipation of the unknown or known and all I want right now is that cinnamon bun I have hiding in the back of the freezer, a large cup of Starbucks coffee to go along with Edwina Hayes



Shawn said...

Excitment, anticipation, and the inability to focus on the patient sitting in front of me who can't see a thing but can hear me rattling off on the keyboard and is probably getting worried somethign is very wrong with her. Of course the truth is nothing has changed since her last visit, but my mind is just pre-occupied by the most amazing woman in the world.

Anonymous said...

have fun jenn. i'll miss you. see you when you get back! stay safe and dont talk to people you don't know. =)

love, me