Thursday, May 29, 2008

Um Thanks... Mom

I realize the delay in posting have lead some to wonder about the nature of the events that occurred - while you were being impatient you should have just read Shawn's blog. However, that being said, here is the after post to go with the before.

There have been a few reasons in the delay for posting, one notably being the necessity to digest the emotions - to weed through what was exhaustion, what was good and what needed to be discussed without y'all involved. That whole without y'all involved aspect is increasingly important as I realized today. In that I don't feel like using the blog to corner someone else into starting a conversation about MY feelings. They are mine, and I should be able to, when I am with someone I feel comfortable enough to be me with, to express those feelings. I am. Thus y'all aren't needed for any side picking. But you can stick around and see what we see and all the things we don't.

One such thing was a conversation I just had with my mother - we've talked quite a bit tonight, basically about one large issue/theme/topic - which she approached with apprehension and wisdom to the point that I would love to spend Sunday with her - talking, having coffee and relaxing- God willing, I get Saturday off and that can happen. Regardless she ended her conversation tonight with a comment that garnered the um, thanks(?) mom. I said it's all downhill from here - commenting on my impending birthday and she said actually no, you want to know how old I was when I met your father? Err, I don't know mom - 40? Is that the safe answer you want me to say. Apparently she was 26 and 27 when she married him...

Thanks for the information, Mom - I love messing with your brain too.

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